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Nerdiness ages well, in other words. Have any of you ever done this? Silk has wide-ranging implications for high-technology, medicine, material science, and global health. Inside the laboratories of biotechnology, the science of synthetic biology is literally coming to life.

All this and more in the pursuit of inventing your iPhone, sewer system, and all those lovely ballistic missiles! Josh thinks this is mostly flat-out wrong. But that is all thing of the past. Find out answers to these questions and more!

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Anne Stevenson is a proud born and raised Edmontonian. Meet us at the Middlesex for two enlightening talks on technology of different types and in different times. Join us for a Nerd Nite party like no other!

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Humor will be employed to explore the possible enslavement or eradication of humanity in our future. Make many friends and perhaps a few enemies during our regionally-appropriate gift-giving game. Enjoy two funny-yet-smart presentations while the audience drinks along!

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  2. First, Allison delivers a first-hand account of feminist geeks in the nerd world.
  3. This is largely because theories of humour tend to be post hoc, hand-wavy descriptions that are too general to make explicit testable predictions.
  4. Genetic genealogy is big business and is growing bigger by the day.
  5. Your curators of cool, masters of merriment, arbiters of awesome, purveyors of puns, and teaching fellows of funk are throwing what promises to be the most festive of festive evenings.
  6. But too often the language of real science is used to market unproven therapies and health concepts.

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Immediately following are a few words from the guest of honor. Today he is an artist living and working in Boston, his obsession with the great Norwegian never having left him. Alex Bloemendal is probably going to talk about probability. As always there will be time for discussion.

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While this is in part true, Munch was also a shrewd businessman, responding to cultural turn-of-the-century trends including psychoanalysis, misogyny and the anxiety produced by the Industrial Age. Pick up a few tricks and tips for your own graving expeditions! Following post-docs in philosophy, neuroanatomy, and psycholinguistics, he was hired in in the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta, where he is currently a professor. Join me as I share the sordid history of zoning, the pseudoscience behind some of the regulations, dating side danmark and how a single comma can change the shape of the future.

Speed-Dating With the Nerds

  • Price includes admission to speed dating and main Nerdnite event.
  • Speed dating will start at pm.
  • He met his wife at Nerd Nite.
Nerd nite speed dating

His research focuses on studying the structure, organization, neurological foundations, and computational modelling of language processing, with a main focus on semantics, the meaning of words. Ever wonder if barn owls feel the same way? Chris Westbury was born and raised in Calgary. After working in Massachusetts politics for fifteen years, make yourself scarce dating she became involved in the free software movement. Science correspondent John Bohannon demonstrates how scientists around the world are competing to explain their PhD research projects with interpretive dance.

Brooklyn history and speed dating, together again! One of the cuter random speed-dating dudes seemed to be practically making out with one of the chicks. There's a speed-dating thing tomorrow night in Brooklyn!

Scandalous divorce proceedings, sensationalist crime stories and faked photographs filled their pages alongside the original celebrity gossip columns. Another guy stood up, after our three minutes were over, and told me that he, too, was a writer. As always, we want to hear from you if you would like to speak, hear a talk on a specific subject, busan dating or volunteer someone to speak.

Am I going to be chosen by anyone? No cover charge for swappers. Is my coin fair or biased? He gave me a sort of guilty, sort of sheepish look, like I know you're going to reject me now.

She has been a free speech advocate, economic justice organizer, and civil liberties defender. May they live happily ever after. And sometimes to her advisor.

In addition to composing for the symphony, opera and ballet stages, he has also composed music for film. Nerd Nite prides itself on bringing its audience fun-yet-informative presentations about countless subjects and disciplines. It worked its way into his nightmares which lasted for years.

Would you like to present, some day? Get your tickets today by clicking here. Her talk will focus on an oral history project documenting the music scene in Cambridge from folk to punk. The Tufts Silklab is hard at work reinventing it.

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After the fact, you receive an email notifying you about which of the people you picked also picked you along with the email addresses of your matches. For the most part, anyway. She is among them, making match but not wholly of them.

Speed-Dating With the Nerds

Elisia brings dark, clever, and deeply personal stories to the stage with a unique voice and an unforgettable stage-presence. Join us for another exciting installment of Nerd Nite at Oberon. Nerd Nite Boston Winter Soul-stice! Nerd Nite Family planning, city planning, and joking A genealogist, city planner, and psychologist walk into a theatre. He enjoys bow ties and ginger beer.

Join us at the Middlesex for two delightfully informative talks. With silk, the possibilities are limitless. By day she works as General Manager of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and the Winspear Centre, and by night she builds out her family tree, branch by branch.

Anne has had the chance to live and work around the world, and currently serves as Senior Planner of the Zoning Bylaw with the City of Edmonton. Or teaching, for that matter. Because while I'm sure we wouldn't have ended up getting hot and heavy, I bet he's very interesting. Research areas like stem cells, personalized medicine, and the microbiome are leading to promising new developments. Once the whole thing was over, there was a chance to mingle.

Space is limited and the venue is lovely, so act fast. Well, technically, neither because the story comes first. This portal into the seedy underbelly of math promises to be full of cheating scoundrels, meth-addiction, vagrancy, and no less than four cold-blooded murders. Our gracious venue encourages you to snack on genetically perfected Mexican bites and sip a mutating margarita.

Nerd Nite Boston be there and be square. Pitch your nerdy presentation to us! Nerds, Get out your needle and thread, your hot glue guns, your stage makeup and your nerd glasses, because we are having a Nerd Nite Halloween Party! After making you drive to Austin the last four years, Houston, you no longer have to trek north to go to Nerd Nite.

The odds are in our favor. In his spare time he owns and operates a unix beard. You can Print busts of Master Yoda. Mikolaj Raszek made a mistake of getting a doctorate degree, and by the time he realized what he was in for, he had to actually plan some career to accommodate his degree. This talk will describe how the study of neurological disorders led to breakthroughs in the neuroscience of movement.

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